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Orders Ship 2-5 Work-Days after being placed and with 5-7 days for shipping time. (Shipments are Freight Free!-check the FAQ)

FutonsJapan.com sells to Asia, Middle East and Africa.

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Below are our Video Buying Guides

Video 1. Learn how an Authentic Japanese futon is made

Video 2. Discover the Health Benefits of an Authentic Futon

Video 3. What to expect when ordering your Futon

Video 4. Caring for your Futon

When you purchase one of our authentic Japanese hand-made Futons or Duvets, you receive an item that is:

  • Authentic – every Futon (in Japanese we call it a “Shikibuton” (/she•key boo•tone/ bottom “mattress”) and Duvet (or “Kakebuton” (/ka•kay boo•tone/ top “duvet”) is hand-made in the family owned factory, run by 70 year old Master Ikeuchi who has been making  Futons his entire life and has mastered the craft. The family has been producing Futons for generations, each Master, improving on the last and passing down the trade-secrets from 1 generation to the next.
  • Supporting a Small Family run-business – when you purchase an authentic Futon, that money goes back into the local economy, supporting other small business in the area and keeping traditional skills alive, that would otherwise be lost to inferior, mass-produced products
  • Hand-made – the care and level of detail that goes into producing a hand-made Futon is amazing. This is why customers are so excited about their authentic Futon, compared to other mass-produced items. Watch the short video above Learn how an Authentic Japanese futon is made. It really is amazing!
  • Chemical Free – Daily we are flooded with artificial chemicals – the outside air, food, bedding, household paint, plastics everywhere, the list is endless. Image sleeping on a something for 8 hours a day that is full of chemicals. Our Futons are made with cotton [no nasty unnatural foam] and no chemicals added.

FutonsJapan.com is the authourised supplier for the Middle East, Africa, South/South East Asia region. If you are from outside this region, please go to the FAQ for the website to order from.

For more answers, please review the FAQ