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Why purchase an Authentic hand-made Japanese?

Dean from our Americas Distributor has produced an excellent short video explaining the benefits of an authentic hand-made Futon from Japan. You can find these 4 videos on the main page

When you purchase one of our products you are getting an item that is:

  • Authentic – every Futon (in Japanese we call it a “Shikibuton” (/she•key boo•tone/ bottom “mattress”) and Duvet (or “Kakebuton” (/ka•kay boo•tone/ top “duvet”) is hand-made in the family owned factory, run by 70 year old Master Ikeuchi who has been making  Futons his entire life and has mastered the craft. The family has been producing Futons for generations, each Master, improving on the last and passing down the trade-secrets from 1 generation to the next
  • Supporting a Small Family run-business – when you purchase an authentic Futon, that money goes back into the local economy, supporting other small business in the area and keeping traditional skills alive, that would otherwise be lost to inferior, mass-produced products
  • Hand-made – the care and level of detail that goes into producing a hand-made Futon is amazing. This is why customers are so excited about their authentic Futon, compared to other mass-produced items. Watch this short video on the process, it really is amazing!
  • Chemical Free – Daily we are flooded with artificial chemicals – the outside air, food, bedding, household paint, plastics everywhere, the list is endless. Image sleeping on a something for 8 hours a day that is full of chemicals. Our Futons are made with cotton [no nasty unnatural foam] and no chemicals added

Note: When your Futon arrives, it is packed in a plastic vacuum bag. During transit, because the Futon isn’t allowed to “breathe”, the scent of the natural cotton fibers gets very concentrated. When you open the bag you’re sure to notice this distinctive smell. Once the futon is out of the bag, simply hang it out for a few hours and this scent disappears entirely.

I'm from UK/EU ...I'm from North/South America --- why can't I order from this website

To better serve our customers we have regional based websites – EU/UK go here, Canada/North/South America is here

I contacted FutonsJapan.com but no response!?

We check our inbox several times a day, every day. We suggest you check your Spam or Junk folder please. This happens with a lot of free email accounts like Hotmail or Yahoo.

What do I get when I order?

We recommend you watch this short video that directly covers this topic.

Traditionally, Futon come as a set: The shikibuton (/she•key boo•tone/ bottom “mattress”) and the kakebuton (/ka•kay boo•tone/ top “quilt” or “duvet”) Our Customers normally purchased them as a set (shikibuton and kakebuton / “mattress” & “quilt”). Or separately if you just wanted the shikibuton (“mattress”).

All of our shikibutons (mattress) are made with a sturdy, 100% cotton, traditional pattern-printed outer material with a blended 90% cotton / 10% poly “cotton”. Why the 10% poly-cotton? Decades of experience has shown that a small percentage of poly fiber blended with the cotton helps to separate the natural cotton fibers which allows the cotton to “breathe” and release moisture more efficiently. This is the traditional way of producing shikibutons, with no foam inserts!

Check out our how to care for your Futon instructions video to see why this is important.

Your Japanese Futon (Shikibuton), will come with a vacuum wrap bag to store it in and clips to air out the futon.

Plus free shipping so there is no additional cost. Everything you need is included. There is also an option to order a  cover.

Futon size and weights?

Please check the table below for the actual dimensions, as they may differ from your local country standards

Note as these are hand made, there can be a variance of 1cm-3cm in width and length.

Can’t see the below table on your Phone? Turn it side-ways.

Size:“Mattress” (bottom) | “Quilt” (top) [width x length x height]


Singleshikibuton (bottom)35″ x 78-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ inches | 90 x 200 x 12cm(Filling weight 11.25 lbs | 5.1kg)
kakibuton (top)55″ x 78-1/2″ inches | 140 x 200cm(Filling Weight 6.17 lbs | 2.8kg)
Doubleshikibuton (bottom)47-1/4″ x 78-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ inches | 120 x 200 x 12cm(filling weight 15 lbs | 6.8kg)
kakibuton (top)67″ x 78-1/2″ inches | 170 x 200cm(filling weight 8.37 lbs | 3.8kg)
Queenshikibuton (bottom)59″ x 78-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ inches | 150 x 200 x 12cm(filling weight 18.7 lbs | 8.5kg)
kakibuton (top)80-1/2″ x 78-1/2″ inches | 205 x 200cm(filling weight 8.7 lbs | 4.4kg)
Kingshikibuton (bottom)70-1/2″ x 78-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ inches | 180 x 200 x 12cm(filling weight 22.25 lbs | 10.1kg)
kakibuton (top)92-1/2″ x 78-1/2″ inches | 235 x 200cm(filling weight 11 lbs | 5.0 kg)

How long will it take to get here?

The package(s) should arrive within 10 working days of receiving your order confirmation. They will be dispatched by EMS courier direct from the factory to your door.

How do I get a Custom order?

Note! Custom size orders take 12-15 business day to manufacture.

Custom printing depends on the work that is required for the graphic design

You will need to specify if you want the Futon or the Futon and duvet set. We also need the dimensions for length and width of each item ordered. We can then provide you with a quote. Please note that Custom size items may take 12 to 15 days to produce. Click here to order.

Important Note: All custom sized orders are subject to a 5 centimeters (about 2″) variance.

Although your Custom Futon will be made exactly to the dimensions you specify, it has been our experience that the vacuum packing and shipping process causes some shrinkage. How much? It tends to vary. It is our experience that over time after hanging the Futon and also through use, the fabric relaxes again and returns to the original manufactured size. That said, please allow for a 5 cm (about 2″) tolerance.

Shipping and delivery?

Your package will be shipped via Japanese Postal Services (EMS) shipping services and is included in the price already. The Futon will be vacuum wrapped and packed inside a poly-lined kraft shipping paper and poly strapped. Shipping is to all standard areas in the Middle East, Africa, South/South East Asia. Should you live in a remote location, then delivery may take an additional couple of days.

Shipments are delivered to your nearest post office.

If you fail to collect your Futon from the Post office within 14 days, it will be returned to Japan – no refunds will be provided. If you would then like it returned to you, you will need to pay the cost of the shipment to Japan and again for returning back from Japan, to you.

Important Note: FutonsJapan.com distributes Futons and accessories for the territory of Middle East, Africa, South/South East Asia

To have Futons purchased/delivered in other locations, please select the below websites. Any questions please email

  1. UK/Europe:  www.futonsfromjapan.co.uk

2. North & South America: www.futonbedsfromjapan.com

Returns and replacements?

We will exchange an item if it has been damaged in transit or has a manufacturing defect (our hand made Futons go through a quality inspection before leaving so this would be very unlikely) and has not been used. We cannot exchange a Futon or other products that has been used for health reasons.

If you fail to collect your Futon from the Post office within 14 days, it will be returned to Japan – no refunds will be provided. If you would then like it returned to you, you will need to pay the cost of the shipment to Japan and again for returning back from Japan, to you.

How can I track my delivery?

You will receive a confirmation email when your order is placed. You will then receive a second email once the item has been shipped including tracking number. Click the link here and enter the tracking number to see every step of the packages movement.

My Futon arrived and there is a strong smell?

The Futon will arrive after been compressed in the vacuum bag. This has not let the Futon breathe. So when you first open the Futon there will be a concentrated smell. This smell is the fresh cotton and earthy smell from the farm it just came from. Many people love this smell. If you are one of the few people who does not love the smell, simply hang the Futon on a chair or outside for a few hours and that will remove the smell.

Do I need covers?

You can use ordinary sheets  or purchase our purpose made covers that allow the patterns to come through.

Are there any chemicals in the Futon?

No, our Futons are made from natural materials and there is no chemical treatment anywhere in the product which is good for the planet and those that have allergies.

How do I look after my hand-made Futon?

A great short video gives details on this

Hang your Futon over a railing every month or on a chair if the weather outside is dusty and humid, using the airing pegs included.

Your Futon should also be lightly beaten with say a tennis racket while airing to remove dust. Much the same process if you were beating a rug to clean the dust

How long will my Futon last?

Most futons typically last 5 to 7 years with the right care. Details on care can be found in our short video

Is delivery free?

Yes delivery is included as part of the price. As is the vacuum bag and airing pegs.

Any clearance, Customs charges or taxes will be born by the Customer.  Generally we ship at Production costs of the material

However, if you fail to collect your Futon from the Post office within 14 days, it will be returned to Japan – no refunds will be provided. If you would then like it returned to you, you will need to pay the cost of the shipment to Japan and again for returning back from Japan, to you.

How do I know my Futon is a genuine authentic product from Japan?

Unlike most brands that have their copied Japanese Futon made in China or India, your Futon will be sent direct from the factory in Kochi Japan by EMS courier services. Just check the details on the front of packaging.

I see other websites selling the same product?

Currently there are 4 authorized online website that are the official resellers of these Japanese hand made Futons and Duvets

Middle East, Africa, South/South East Asia : futonsjapan.com

UK and Europe: futonbedsfromjapan.co.uk

Americas: futonbedsfromjapan.com

Australia only: www.japanache.com.au

If you see another company selling these products, they could be fake and we would appreciate you informing us! info@futonsjapan.com

My Futon is shorter than what I ordered!?

The Futon will return back to normal size after shipping – we’ve written an extensive blog post about this and a video – please go here