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We produce hand-made authentic Japanese bedding and we’ve been doing this for 100 years! In Japanese, we call the mattress a ‘Shikibuton’, in the West they are called Futons, Futons Beds or Futon mattress. All of our Shikibutons are made in Japan and ship directly from the Japan to you.

How a real Futon is made? Care of your Futon? More questions?? Check out the video Buying guides on the HOME Page

All prices in US Dollars

*** Special 10% Bundle Price Discount***

At the Checkout, use discount code  SK10 [SK one zero] if you are purchasing both a Shikibuton (Futon)  and Kakebuton (Duvet) or purchasing more than 1 item

Koi White Futon
Koi White Futon

Koi White Shikibuton


Kawa Red Shikibuton


Shinsha Shikibuton


Ume Pink Shikibuton


Matsukasa Emerald


Matsukasa Pink Shikibuton


Sashiko Shikibuton


Ume Blue Shikibuton


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Our hand made Japanese Futons and Duvets are made in Japan and shipped directly to you

Why purchase from FutonsJapan.com ?

  • A Healthy night’s sleep. Compared to mass-produced Futons and Duvets, our products are handmade, by Japanese people, in Japan!  Focus on your health, not on the price! You are guaranteed a quality product, our products use cotton and no man-made polyurethane foams pads for cushioning, as you’ll find in cheaper products. These materials trap air and moisture and become a breeding ground for fungus, moulds and bugs. Yuk!
  • Long Lasting. Mass-produced products use polyurethane and other materials which only last a few years. They then become lumpy and uncomfortable, ruining your sleep, leading to stress and poor health. Our premium products use quality materials, lasting longer, with nightly use they’ll last 5-8 years.
  • Easy to Store. As we use cotton and no man-made polyurethane foams pads for cushioning our products are not only more comfortable over time but are much lighter and easy to store. A Single Futon weights only 5kg
  • The Perfect Spare bed! Most Japanese live in small apartments or houses and every day they store their Futon after a nights sleep. The Futons are light weight; very easy to move store and around, so  no need to force your guest to sleep on an awful fold-out lounge or half inflated blow-up mattress. NOTE: If you store your Futon in a vacuum-packed bag, your guest will experience greater comfort if you give your Futon at least a couple of hours to “breathe” and fluff out before use. This is typical for cotton bedding products.
  • Hanging Clips. Our Futons coms with free “hanging” clips that allow you to place your Futon outside and not get blown away. We would encourage you to hang out your Futons several times a year. Checkout the video on the main page “how to care for your Futon”
  • Extremely comfortable. Futons not only provide amazing comfort, but they also give your back the support it needs for long-term health. If you’ve spent a lifetime sleeping on a Western style bed, there may possibly be couple of weeks of adjusting to your new Futon. However, this really depends on you and your sleeping habits as everyone differs. For this reason, you may decide you prefer just a little more padding in which case you can simply buy a foam pad to lay on the floor
  • Important Note: Because we only use natural, unbleached cotton in both the cotton filling (cushioning) and the outer fabric, you may see some “flaws” in the finished product. Occasionally you may see some short stretches of darker thread in the fabric stitching, or areas that at first look like stains in the fabric, but are actually the marbling of the natural cotton filling showing through the outer fabric. (We show examples of this in the product pictures).

FutonsJapan.com is the authourised supplier for the Middle East, Africa and Indian Oceans region. If you are from outside this region, please go to the FAQ for the website to order from

For more answers, please review the FAQ

*** Special 10% Bundle Price Discount***

At the Checkout, use discount code  SK10 [SK one zero] if you are purchasing both a Shikibuton (Futon)  and Kakebuton (Duvet)