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Sashiko Pillow

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Zabuton Sashiko
Zabuton Sashiko
Zabuton Sashiko
Zabuton Sashiko

Sashiko Pillow

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Experience our authentic hand-crafted Japanese Zabuton, with untreated, 100% natural white cotton. Approximately 55 cm x 59 cm x 11 cm height)

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 Highest Quality Available: Our 100% authentic Japanese Zabuton pillows are hand-made in the traditional way by our true futon Masters in a small family-owned business in Kochi, Japan.
• Compliment your Futon Purchase: Keep the theme running; purchase a Zabuton to match your Shikibuton or Kakebuton.
• A Much Healthier Choice: Because our authentic Zabutons contain no polyurethane pads which trap moisture and become incubators for mold/mildew, they are a much healthier choice than factory produced synthetic pillows.
• 5 to 7 Years* of Total Comfort and Convenience: Our Zabutons provide amazing comfort with NO polyurethane foam or filler which results in a lumpy & uncomfortable sitting positions.

Weight10 kg
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Single, Double, Queen, King


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