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Fuji Kakebuton

Fuji Duvet
Fuji Duvet
Fuji Kakebuton
Fuji Duvet
Fuji Duvet
Fuji Kakebuton

Fuji Kakebuton


Enjoy an authentic, hand-crafted 100% Natural Cotton Japanese Kakebuton quilt—with the traditional weight and warmth. Also, protect your kakebuton investment by adding a traditional White, 100% Natural Cotton Kakebuton Cover. Some photos show both shikibuton and kakebuton, but only the kakebuton is purchased in this transaction.

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Absolute Top Quality Available: Our master-crafted 100% authentic Japanese kakebuton are hand-made by true futon Masters in a small family-owned business in Kochi, Japan.
• Lightweight, Compact and Easy to Store: Our traditional Japanese kakebuton contain 100% all natural cotton filling only.
• A Much Healthier Choice: Our futon contain no synthetic foams which trap moisture and become incubators for mold/mildew. There are NO chemical treatments such as fire retardants or herbicides.
• 5 to 7* Years of Total Comfort: Futons provide amazing comfort while supporting your back. Our 100% Natural Cotton kakebuton have NO synthetic materials inside our out. No chemical treatments. Thick natural luxurious brushed cotton keeps you cozy and warm.
*With nightly use!

Weight10 kg
Available in

Single, Double, Queen, King


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