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When you receive your products from us, such as one of our wonderful Shikibutons [or Futons in English] https://www.futonsjapan.com/index.php/futons , you will note that the shipment has indeed come from Kochi Japan where we have been in production for 100+ years.

Kōchi, ken (prefecture), southern Shikoku, Japan, stretches in an arc around Tosa Bay of the Pacific Ocean. It is the largest prefecture on the island. The population is concentrated on the Tosa plain, which, except on the south, is surrounded by mountains.

Although it is isolated by poor communications, there is a railway from Kōchi, the prefectural capital, to Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, on the Inland Sea, and air service to Ōsaka and Tokyo on Honshu.

Chief products are agricultural machinery and implements, coral, processed seafood (especially dried bonito), paper, and raw silk  – and of course some fantastic Shikibutons, Kakebutons and Zabuton – what’s a Zabuton – go here to find out [https://www.futonsjapan.com/index.php/pillows/]  

The famous Kōchi Castle you see in the picture above was constructed in 1603 and restored in the 18th century after its destruction by fire and is considered one of the most elegant in Japan.

If you are planning a visit to Kochi, be sure to checkout https://visitkochijapan.com/en/ – lots of info on what to see and the many things you can do , such as river activities, cycling tours, camping and various cultural experiences to enjoy.

People have asked if we deliver across all of the Japanese prefectures listed below, outside of Kochi. The answer is of course we do! We deliver to all of these areas, in approximately 2-3 days

When you visit Kochi or any of the other 47 prefectures, you’ll be sure to have a wonderful time!

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