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Monthly Archives: June 2023

discount for eid

A blessed Eid Mubarak to those that are celebrating. Buy before 14.July 2023 and get 15% off the entire order — use discount code ” Eid23 “ Can’t be used with an other offers. Learn all about how a real Japanese Futon is made on the home page futonsjapan.com FAQ, go here

Pillow Special offer for Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia customers only

Customer love our Zabutons (za-bu-ton) – the perfect complement to your Futon and Kakebuton . Or as a decorative piece for your lounge or floor table. Approximately 55 cm x 59 cm x 11 cm height Each of the following patterns for the Zabutons [small pillow] are available with a massive  discount to the already discounted price. Current price is US$139 per pillow, For our Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia customers only, the price is $89. Minimum […]