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Do I need a Tatami mat for my futon

Do I need a Tatami mat for my futon

Do I need a Tatami mat for my futon


Do I need a Tatami with my Futon

The quick answer is no. This is one of the most common questions that people have about switching their bedding to a Japanese Shikibuton  or in English a Futon [https://www.futonsjapan.com/index.php/futons]

Traditionally tatami mats are used as Japanese flooring and are quite comfortable, being generally made from rice straw or some of the more modern version can use newer material like foam, rubber, soft plastic or a combination of all 3.

People often ask about the need for some type of support or padding under their new Futon – this is because of a bad experience with mass-produced, poorly made Western style ‘futons’ – which are generally no more than some type of mattress which is filled with foam or other artificial products and become ‘flat’ after a short period of usage.

Our traditional, hand-made Japanese Futons [Shikibutons] and Duvets [Kakebutons] –  use all natural materials and the Futons themselves are approximately 10cm thick.

From experience, we can say that around 90% of people don’t use anything under the Futon – our recommendation is to always first try the Futon for perhaps a week, see how you feel – if required you can add a mat or pad underneath later on-

To learn more about how our products are manufactured what the videos – https://www.futonsjapan.com/

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