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Customer feedback EMAILS

Customer feedback EMAILS

Customer Email Comments:

I’ve been using my futon for about 3 months and I couldn’t be any happier. Customer service was very helpful when I was trying to figure out the import tax situation (I didn’t have to pay any here in the Philippines). It feels much more sanitary than a mattress, since I get to air it out in the sun and whack all the dead skin and hair when I fold it. Also, because of all the space it saves when folded, I get to convert the room into my very own yoga studio during the day, and have an easier time vacuuming. I’ll be going on a trip in a few months and I’m already dreading having to sleep in a regular bed again.

Christina, Philippines

May, 2022

Bought the pillows and Futon. I wouldn’t use the pillow to sleep on, we use them when sitting on the floor around the coffee table. Very comfortable. The kawa green futon we bought is beautiful and when I wake up I feel refreshed. Thanks for the great product. Took about 2 weeks to receive it from Japan.

Ahmed, UAE

February 2022

Excellent customer service – answered my many questions and such amazing products. Very happy.

Lee, Singapore

March 2022

So happy with my purchase. I had to pay import tax in Thailand which made it more expensive so I hope this does last for many years. They sent me the tracking number after shipping, that was good.

Wan, Thailand

January 2022

Order from the futonsjapan.com website from my phone. Easy to use. I watched the videos. Good info here  [Editor: the videos are on the main page futonsjapan.com, 4 videos that explain all about our Futons]

Fong, Singapore

January 2022

I’ve tried Futons when I was younger but that was one of those are like a lounge and go into a bed – and not very comfortable. The first sleep I had on my futon from futonsjapan was amazing.  I appreciate that they sent the tracking number so we could track the order when it left Japan.

Gang, Malaysia

January 2022

Very quick, I was moving apartment and received it within 7 days from Japan. M girlfriend and I thought this was expensive but after using the futon we are most happy.

Tan, Singapore

December 2021

I was moving to a smaller apartment to save some money and my current bed and frame wouldn’t fit. The single futon cost a lot for me but other people said these futons are really comfortable and you won’t be disappointed. So I ordered and it arrive and I find it really good. I have recommended this to my friends too.

Shirley, Malaysia

December 2021

Great products, purchased the dvuet and futon and covers. Easy order process. I see they use paypal – but I had closed my account. That’s ok, the creditcard can be processed by paypal. I would like to use bitcoin in the future

August 2021

Alvin, Philippines

October 2021

We tried a futon on vacation and like it. So when we move, we bought futons for all the family – 5 in total. My family is very happy with the futons and duvets. One of my daughters always would have trouble getting to sleep—and staying asleep but now she sleeps through most nights. That is a good for my wife and I. Keep up the good work. I always recommend the futons to my friends.

Trent, Thailand

July 2021

I watched all the youtube vidoes before I made the purchase. Very useful and explains a lot. Happy with they purchase [[Editor: the videos are on the main page futonsjapan.com, 4 videos that explain all about our Futons]

Wang, Singapore

June 2021

My husband and I had a Futon in the UK and really like the sleeping experience. It was getting old and we were moving to Vietnam to retire so we bough a new one from futonsjapan.com – apparently the same company we bought the first but a different website as they focus on Asia customers. Same quality and same excellent night sleep

Alison, Vietnam

January 2021

A great sleep, perfect for me and my partner.

Ken, Hong Kong

December 2020

I was not sleeping well and my wife suggest we try a Futon as she heard good things about Futons. I wasn’t confident but my wife convinced me. She was right!! We are sleeping the best ever since being married.

Mohamad, Malaysia

December 2020

I love the fabric and it is indeed very comfortable to sleep on. However, I am disappointed that the Futon double size is smaller than my Japanese-size double bed. [Editor: please note, you can check the sizes of all products, before ordering them. When you select a size, eg King – it will list the dimensions in CM and Inches. You can also find this information on the https://www.futonsjapan.com/index.php/faq/ “Futon Size and Weight”]

Chery, Singapore

November 2020

My wife and had lots of questions as it was a lot of money for us as we are retied. The videos on the site answered a lot of questions but the customer services team was also able to assist on all the questions we had too. It was a good experience and we are very satisfied with the Futon. We have recommended them to our friends.

Kim, Singapore

September 2020

Lovely products. I forgot to use the 10% discount code when ordering more than 1 item and they still give me a 10% discount, after the products had shipped and I have received them 

Maarten, Malaysia

September 2020

Futons are very popular in Singapore and I had one before but threw it out cause it was uncomfortable.  I’m a student and even the single Futon is a lot money. But I was so happy after using it and was glad to have purchased

Derek, Singapore

October 2019

We ordered the Sashiko pattern, including the duvet. The images on the website don’t show how lovely the products are. They are very comfortable.

Liu, Taiwan

July 2019

Website easy to order from. Answered my questions and shipped on time. Had to pick it up from the post office here but that was easy.

Jason, Abu Dhabi, UAE

August 2018

I order the blue futon and matching duvet. I was away and my sister receive the items for me and then started using them and wouldn’t give it back to me because it was really comfortable. So we ordered 3 additional items. All of them are wonderful

Sarah, Sharjah, UAE

May 2018

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