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New Patterns for Summer

New Patterns for Summer

New Patterns for Summer

Kaiyo Pattern all finished—but a nice replacment!

Kaiyo pattern has been in high demand over the last 3  months but now it’s all gone – and probably won’t come back. We try not repeat patterns so people can enjoy having a uniqe product that not everyone else has.

We’ve recently added Matoi black https://www.futonsjapan.com/index.php/product/matoi-black-shikibuton/ and Matoi white https://www.futonsjapan.com/index.php/product/matoi-white-shikibuton/

Matoi is a standard [or flag] that firefights used in years gone by – each fire fighting team would have their own unique flag and it would be a source of pride – naturally lots of fires in places like Japan centuries ago – lots of wood houses, warehouses, factory’s and offices – and a very manual way of putting out fires. 

Enjoy these new patterns!

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