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Help! My Futon (Shikibuton) Shrunk!

Help! My Futon (Shikibuton) Shrunk!

Help! My Futon (Shikibuton) Shrunk!

Suzie contacted us last month, who was worried that the Futon she received looked shorter than it should. Our first response to Suzie was that this is normal – several times a month we get an email from our customers worried that their Futon has arrived and it looks a bit short and seems to have shrunk.

All the Futons on FutonsJapan.com are 200cm in length. [need a Custom size  – go here please]. However, by the time you receive them at your home, they can shrink to about 190cm –about 10cm or 4 inches. This is because we ship them vacuum packed from Japan – vacuum packing really squeezes all the cotton  tight and all the air has been removed around the cotton and some of the air in the spaces between the cotton cell walls. If you’ve ever used  vacuum packing to store your clothes, you would have experience this too.

So why do we vacuum pack our products? In the past, we shipped the Futons un-vacuum packed – and this shipping cost was very high – it added about an extra $100 – $150 to the shipping costs – so we needed to come up with a way of reducing this costs, as we felt this was too much of a costs for our customers to pay for. Sachi, one of the young ladies in the accounts department suggested we try vacuum packing – Sachi found vacuum packing very useful for storing away winter clothes after the cold Japanese winters –  so we tried it and it worked perfect.

As per the instructions you receive with your package, we suggest letting the Futon hang for a few days after you receive it – it will get to about 99% of its size, the last few cm will come after using the Futon for a week or two and the cotton has gotten back to its normal state.

We developed this video to help explain the phenomenon and steps to take:

Please watch this video – https://youtu.be/CYq0WtAcd4s

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