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That’s one Huge Kotatsu! What’s a Kotatsu?

That’s one Huge Kotatsu! What’s a Kotatsu?

That’s one Huge Kotatsu! What’s a Kotatsu?

A customer in Japan has a rather large estate and a need for a very large Kotatsu so this was custom made for him. A Kotatsu is a traditional way to keep warm in traditionally built Japanese houses, which tend not to have a lot of insulation and can be quite cool in the winter.  It’s an interesting way to keep warm.

Wikipedia has this to say:

  Most Japanese housing is not insulated to the same degree as a Western domicile and does not have central heating, thus relying primarily on space heating. Heating is expensive because of the lack of insulation and the draftiness of housing. A kotatsu is a relatively inexpensive way to stay warm in the winter, as the futons trap the warm air.[10] Families may choose to concentrate their activity in this one area of the house in order to save on energy costs.[11] In the summer, the blanket may be removed, and the kotatsu used as a normal table.

 During the winter months in Japan, the kotatsu often is the center of domestic life. In the evening family members gather around the kotatsu to enjoy food, television, games, and conversation while keeping the lower half of their bodies warm. It has been said that, “once under the kotatsu, all of your worries slip away as a familiar warmth takes over and you become completely relaxed.”[12]

It’s a good way for busy families to bond together over the chilli winter months!

Contact us now if you have your own custom requirement – Shikibutons (futons), Kakebutons (Duvets), protective covers, Pillows, Kotatsu’s..etc..


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