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Giving Back

Giving Back

Giving Back

People have asked if we support any social initiative or charities.

The answer is, YES!

We focus on giving back to the World through two ideas, both of these ideas are located in the beautiful tropical island of Sri Lanka.

Women’s Shelter – this is a shelter ran by Buddhist Monks for women and their children who have no place left to turn to – this is their last stop before living on the street. To ensure our charity is correctly use, we purchase  and have someone hand over to individual mothers various items needed for day-to-day living by mothers and their children – such as toiletries, basic clothing’s (underwear) and school needs for children. The shelter itself provides other needs such as room to sleep and basic food and hygiene items.

Saving the Forest – Sri Lanka is a beautiful tropical paradise but it is still considered an underdeveloped and emerging country. Unfortunately, history has shown in such countries, politicians can’t be trusted and there has been reported cases of politician selling of public forest to corporation, padding their own pocket or rezoning private land to a different zone, so they can sell it to industries. We don’t see this changing, so we are determine to build a forest protection fund – with the aim of buying enough forest as we can. Our view is once the forest is gone, it’s gone! There are very little examples in the world where a forest has been removed to provide room for towns and cities – only then at a later stage, to have the area turned back into a forest. Once the forest is gone, it stays gone. This is our effort to help preserve what we can.

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