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Comfortable Custom Futon

Comfortable Custom Futon

Comfortable Custom Futon

A happy customer from Singapore  who ordered a special Custom size Futon mattress (Shikibuton as they are called in Japanese)  – she recently emailed, sharing her delight:

I ordered a custom-sized shikibuton that has arrived here in Singapore.

It’s so good that my mother and 6-year-old son wants their own too.  I shall be placing the 2 orders soon.

Thank you and thanks to all your artisans for such a fine item.

As a stage 4 cancer patient, I am very grateful to have a good futon to help me when the pains get too bad.

Warmest regards,


Simply contact us if you would like your very own Custom size Futon. We also do Custom prints – but that can be VERY expensive. Some people have done their favourite movie, favourite sports team logo and one person did their dog!


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