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Tochinoshin wins Grand Sumo

Tochinoshin wins Grand Sumo

Tochinoshin wins Grand Sumo

Well, what a surprise. A low rank wrestler, Tochinoshin has raised the Emperors cup last night – from the European country of Georgia!

30 year old, 192cm, 177kg Tochinoshin (real name Levan Gorgadze) won the first tournament of the year – there are run 6 times over the year, every odd month. Tochinoshin looked like he was just going to be a having a normal tournament but after the first week, he was in the lead and last tournament’s winner, the Mongolian Hakuho pulled out. The only other Yokozuna (highest ranking) left in the race was Kakuryu who is also from Mongolia but he lost several matches in a row and seemed to have lost his spirit over the last week.

Tochinoshin has had massive injury problems over the years, especially with a right knee which he still straps heavily before each fight. In 2013 he feel out of the top division after missing several tournaments due to this injury and was considering that his time in Sumo was over. Instead, he come more determined and fought his way back up and a fairy-tale ending: “This is something I never imagined …there were many times I felt like quitting. But I settled down, got out of the hospital and even though I had dropped way down the rankings, my attitude changed dramatically. I wanted to give it one more shot”

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