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2018 Grand Sumo Starts today

2018 Grand Sumo Starts today

2018 Grand Sumo Starts today

One of the things we love here at Futons Japan is GRAND SUMO! Grand Sumo is a tournament that runs 6 times a year and this year’s season starts today! Each tournament  last for 15 days, with matches starting at 0930am for the junior wrestlers, with the seniors starting at 3pm  and ending in the early evening. Each player is aiming to win the Emperors cup – a massive silver trophy, along with various prizes from many different countries – such as 1 year supply of petrol from the United Arab Emirates.

Hakuho is a Mongolian born wrestler who finished strong last season and is looking strong for this year as well. We shouldn’t forget Mitakeumi, Takakeisho or Onosho – some young, aggressive and entertaining wrestlers – several of them who beat much higher rank sumos last year and they earned the ‘gold star’ award for this. Whilst he was injured and didn’t attend the final tournament last year, our favourite is also a relatively young fellow called Ishiura – he is only mid size for a sumo – 174cm /116kg but he is very strong, with an amazing amount of speed, flexibility and unique moves to defeat some of the larger players. Exciting stuff!

Like most people in Japan, these massive sumo’s love a good night’s sleep and you can often see some of the junior wrestlers carrying each senior wrestlers beloved Shikibuton [Futons] in the warm up area or in each stables resting place.

NHK network provides a 30min nightly recap of all the days action every night  and if you’d like to learn more about the sport, the wrestlers, techniques, FAQ, etc..head over to the website to read in English all about it.


We look forward to an exciting year of Sumo!


To celebrate the start of this year’s tournament, futonsjapan.com has a promotion with 20% of your entire order – use discount code GS20.  But this is only valid  until the end of the January 2018 Grand Sumo Tournament  so book your order in the next 2 weeks to obtain this special offer.

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