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Bushi (Samurai) Colour – all gone!

Bushi (Samurai) Colour – all gone!

Bushi (Samurai) Colour – all gone!

One of the most popular patterns is now finished – probably NEVER to come back!

This colourful Samurai pattern for your Futon or Duvet is out of stock and we are unable to get any more material like this. We found someone to supply more material however there is now a 50% increase in price for this material and design and that has a dramatic increase in the price of the end product. So unfortunately we simply can’t afford to offer this, the prices for the Futon or Duvet would be too much.

I guess a good lesson here is when you see an authentic hand made product and like it, buy it! They are not mass produced so when supplies run out, generally there is no more.

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