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Pattern Updates

Pattern Updates

Pattern Updates

This month we have an amazing new pattern for your Futon or Duvet. You can see an example here, to see how it looks in product,  visit the Futon and Duvet pages.  This obviously inspired by the world famous Mt Fuji in Japan.

No one is really sure on the origin of Mt Fuji’s name. Some people say it derives from the Ainu language used by the Japanese aboriginal people and translates to “everlasting life.” Others, believe the name comes from the Yamato language and mean “Fuchi”, the Buddhist fire goddess. Either way, it sounds pretty cool!

If you do get the chance to visit Japan, you must visit Mt Fuji, be prepared an 8-12 hours climb up and about another 6 hours on the way down – but well worth the effort.

Order you Futon and Duvet TODAY before this pattern becomes unavailable.

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